Boutique music for the modern storyteller.

James Longcake is a U.K. based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. From his classical training to his experience working as a producer, James is able to draw upon timeless cinematic sounds from poignant orchestral strings to aggressive electronic sounds, writing music that helps you tell your story.

‘James is a phenomenal artist. Having worked with James on a handful of projects, his ability to understand and capture my creative visions never fails to astound me. He manages to create breathtaking soundtracks that hold feeling and tell stories in equal parts to anything visual. He is hard working, congenial and an indescribably talented individual. Working with James has consistently felt like an absolute privilege. ’

Sam Kennard (Director and Game Developer)

James Longcake is a highly talented composer and instrumentalist; in his scores for film and media he skilfully brings together acoustic and electric instruments with synths to produce music that is dramatic and often sensuous, with very beautiful orchestrations and harmonies.

Ed Hughes (composer of Symphony of a City, Battleship Potemkin)

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